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Why Nannies will be integral to the post-Covid working world

The rigid hours and months-long waiting list of day care centres and creches lack the flexibility that hybrid working demands.

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As workplaces open back up, many employees don’t want to return to the rhythm of 9 to 5 office life, opting instead for a blend of on site and remote working. This new hybrid way of working is structured differently from company to company, but the common thread is that employees are demanding more freedom around when to work and where. Increasingly, people are looking for ways to fit work around the rest of their lives and not vice versa. For employees, this brings a much-needed flexibility. And for working parents, it throws up questions about whether full-time creche or day car fees are worth it when there is the possibility to fit work around family life.

“Creche or day-care centre hours may not necessarily fit in with your new working routine. You often have to book your child in to a creche far in advance and there is limited scope for last-minute changes if your work diary changes. There is also limited flexibility on finish times and you will pay for the full day, even if you come and collect your children early on a particular day,” explains Fiona Chandler, a mother of two and co-founder of

Nannies offer more flexibility

Hiring a nanny can offer a level of flexibility that matches your new routine. “Nannies can be more flexible over working hours/days and even working abroad with a young family, if you need to work remotely,” says Fiona. “We have seen a surge in enquiries from families who are now able to work from home because of the pandemic.”

Fiona says, “Many families who employ nannies are moving away from full-time fixed hours to a more flexible approach, including shorter days and after school only. Enquiries around part-time nannies and nanny shares, in particular, are on the rise.”

Help with onboarding

If you’re juggling parenting, with adjusting to the ‘new normal’ when it comes to working life, Nanny Payroll can help. is a specialist Irish company that offers a complete nanny payroll service that takes care of all your employer responsibilities towards your nanny or childminder, including paid holidays and Revenue - and the service starts from just €275 per year for monthly pay.

“As mothers with young families ourselves, we at Nanny Payroll know how precious your time is, especially when juggling family with work demands”, explains Fiona. If you want to join the thousands of families opting to hire a nanny privately, we offer an efficient, compliant and thorough payroll service, leaving you with more time to spend with your family.”

For more information about the services offered at Nanny Payroll email for your free information pack.