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Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Nanny at Home

Hiring a nanny can offer more flexibility and a bespoke timetable that matches your family routine.

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Personalised care

A nanny provides one-on-one care to your child, which means they can tailor their approach to your child's specific needs and personality.


With a nanny, you have more flexibility in terms of scheduling and last-minute changes. You can negotiate the hours and days of work that suit your family’s needs.


Having a nanny come to your home eliminates the need for drop-offs and pick-ups, which can be a significant time-saver for busy families.


Control over your child's environment: When you hire a nanny, you have more control over your child's environment, which can be particularly important for parents who want to limit their child's exposure to outside germs or potential hazards.

Continuity of care

A nanny provides continuity of care, which means your child can develop a close and trusting relationship with their caregiver over time.

More attention for each child

With a nanny, there is no need to share attention or resources with other children, so your child can receive undivided attention and care.

Educational opportunities

A nanny can provide educational activities and experiences tailored to your child's interests and developmental stage.

Greater involvement in your child's care

Hiring a nanny allows parents to have a more hands-on approach to their child's care, as they can communicate directly with the nanny and oversee their child's activities.

Peace of mind

Having a trusted caregiver in your home can provide peace of mind for parents who are anxious about leaving their child in the care of others.

Better work-life balance

Hiring a nanny can help working parents achieve a better work-life balance, as they can focus on their careers while knowing their child is receiving quality care in a safe and familiar environment. is a specialist Irish company that offers a complete nanny payroll service that takes care of all your employer responsibilities towards your nanny or childminder, including paid holidays and Revenue - and the service starts from just €299 per year for monthly pay.