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Garda Vetting

What is Garda Vetting?

Anyone who works or volunteers with children and vulnerable adults must go through Garda vetting. This is a process to check whether you have a criminal record, or if there is any specified reason why you might pose a threat to vulnerable people.

Garda vetting is conducted by the Garda Siochána National Vetting Bureau, who will send a vetting disclosure to the organisation.

Currently, when someone is Garda vetted, they do not have to be re-vetted unless they move job or change position.

Should I Garda Vet my nanny?

Nannies should have an enhanced check carried out in order to work with children.

How much does Garda Vetting cost?

We can carry out Garda Vetting on your behalf for your nanny for €35.

How long does Garda Vetting take?

From when we receive your fee and your completed application, the turnaround time for receipt of vetting disclosure is usually 2 weeks.

How do I Garda vet my nanny?

The application process is a 3 step process: