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Five top tips to settle in a new nanny

With schools back and many workers heading back to the office, if you have a new childcare provider in your home, these top tips will help ease the transition.

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1) Prepare them for the worst

Have a fully stocked first aid kit and show them where it is, along with a list of emergency contact numbers. These should be placed somewhere obvious, like the fridge door. If they're not from your neighbourhood/area of town, make sure they know where the nearest children's A&E is. You might also consider installing a cheap landline - we all rely on mobiles these days and they are great for text updates and keeping in touch throughout the day, but if there's an emergency the last thing you need is a low battery, forgotten phone or smashed screen.

2) Do a proper orientation

Write a list of first day "need to knows". Give them a tour of the house (and the WiFi password); a rough schedule (we're talking Cliffs Notes not War and Peace). Give them an insight into your kids and family life - including any tips and tricks, major likes and dislikes. Also show them the neighbourhood, including the nearest park and introduce them to the neighbours so they aren't caught off guard when they are rushing to get the kids out

3) Make room for them

Set aside a dedicated space in a cupboard or drawer for your nanny to keep their things - bag, charger, deodorant, change of clothes, etc. Ensure it is not in the children's room so your nanny has access to it during naptime. Consider supplying tea, coffee, milk and some snacks to make your nanny feel at home.

4) Make time for them

Communication is key, so carve out some time with your nanny in the first week to see how they are settling in and if they have any questions. Make sure to do this on your nanny’s paid time - not at the end of their shift when they are trying to get home. Leave a shared notebook on hand for you to jot down anything that you need your nanny to know or vice versa and make check-ins a regular thing to keep lines of communication open.

5) Make them part of the family

Ask when their birthday is and add it to your family's calendar. Make sure the kids know in the week running up to it and make a fuss on the day itself.

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