Nanny Payroll Ireland - Blog - 9 mistakes Irish families make when paying their nanny
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9 mistakes Irish families make when paying their nanny

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1. Spending too much time and resource on payroll

If you are not a skilled payroll provider, you will waste valuable time doing labour-intensive tasks like calculating tax deductions and setting up digital payments to Revenue. This is time that you could be devoting to family life.

2. Paying their nanny the wrong amount at the wrong time

Without an expert, it’s easy to make payroll mistakes. Cue late or incorrect payments, and an angry or unmotivated nanny. Not to mention fines from Revenue. Instil domestic harmony by making sure your nanny’s payroll is done properly.

3. Unsecure personal information

Payroll is about more than just processing paycheques. It’s about the proper storing and processing of your nanny’s sensitive employee information including payslips, timesheets and statutory deductions. With Nanny Payroll’s cloud-based payroll system you can be sure that this data is being stored securely.

4. Incorrect Revenue payments

Payroll mistakes are common – and costly. If you don’t pay the right amount of tax to Revenue at the right time you could end up with a fine. A professional payroll service can eliminate this risk.

5. Backlog of paperwork

With lots of long and confusing forms to fill in, it’s difficult to ensure all your paperwork is completed and up-to-date at the right time. We can deal with all your nanny’s payroll related admin for you, so you don’t fall behind, freeing you up to spend quality time with the family.

6. Missing an important update

Employment law is constantly changing, affecting things like tax laws and minimum wage. It’s easy to miss regulatory changes and you can quickly end up in legal hot water.

7. Overpaying or underpaying for absence

It’s time-consuming and confusing to keep track of annual leave, sick leave etc. If you don’t effectively manage and stay on top of timesheets you can easily lose track. A payroll provider can manage this for you.

8. No payroll access for your nanny

In the smartphone age, nannies are demanding up-to-the-minute access to their pay details. They don’t want to have to nag you to get the information they need. Our payroll service offers them access to their payroll details at their fingertips through their smartphone.

9. Paying cash in hand

Whether it was your nanny’s idea, everyone else in your neighbourhood is doing it or you just feel tax is all too complicated, there is no excuse to pay your nanny off the books. If you are caught, you run the risk of facing punitive tax penalties, and possible prosecution.

Nanny Payroll offers a complete payroll service for families who employ nannies, saving your precious time, for a small annual fee starting at €299