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15 things included in your Nanny Payroll subscription

Ask not what you can do for your Nanny Payroll subscription. Ask what your Nanny Payroll subscription can do for you.

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1. Peace of mind

When you hire a nanny, you become their employer. This comes with legal and financial responsibilities which we will ensure you meet, saving you time and ensuring you don’t receive any penalties from Revenue for late or incorrect filing.

2. The sums done for you

We’ll calculate tax, PRSI and USC on your behalf, so you can avoid the many pitfalls associated with running your own PAYE scheme and can rest assured that you are not overpaying and that you are complying fully with all relevant legislation.

3. Payslips

We’ll provide detailed payslips to your nanny for each pay period. As the employer, you will receive a payroll summary sheet that will detail pay and deduction information, including the amount that you are required to pay to Revenue.

4. Revenue PAYE Registration

We’ll register you as an employer with Revenue online, so you don’t need to submit a paper application, and we’ll even set up a monthly direct debit between you and Revenue so the employee deductions and employer PRSI are kept up to date.

5. Streamlined communication with Revenue

As an employer, you are obliged to submit an online return to Revenue at each pay period. We’ll tell you how much to pay and when to pay it, and we’ll field any calls and letters to and from Revenue on your behalf.

6. Improved relationship with your nanny

Your nanny will be assured that their pay and tax are being properly and promptly calculated and dealt with, promoting trust between you.

7. Free Employee App for your nanny

Your nanny can enjoy access to the Employee Self-Service app – meaning your nanny can securely access their payslips and apply for annual leave easily using their Android or iOS smartphone or device.

8. Unlimited help and support

Our small team are based on the island of Ireland, so you can call us anytime you have a query or concern related to hiring or paying your nanny.

9. Annual summary

We’ll provide you with an annual summary of amounts paid and deductions made for your records.

10. Holiday entitlement management

We’ll advise you on how much leave your nanny is entitled to, and you can approve and keep track of leave requests from your nanny through the secure members’ area of our site.

11. Help with nanny onboarding/leaving

We can help streamline the starter/leaver process for your nanny, ensuring all paperwork is completed and all legal obligations as an employer are met.

12. Help with tax complexities

We are experts in tax, so can advise you on complexities such as tax allowance splitting.

13. Secure cloud-based data storage

Our service is cloud-based and securely backs-up all your payroll. As you or your nanny browse the online dashboards, you are protected against things like data injection, authentication hacking, cross site scripting, exposure flaws, request forgery, and the many other types of vulnerabilities.

14. Account information at your fingertips

All your payroll summaries are stored securely online in one place. You can login to our secure members’ area via, anytime, access all your account information and make any changes you require.

15. Auto-alerts when new payroll information is available

Through our members’ area, you can set up notifications via email to alert you when new payroll information is available

The above are all included as standard with any payroll subscription, starting from €299 for a standard monthly payroll service for one year. For an additional charge of €45 we can offer a tailored employment contract between you and your nanny. (It is your legal obligation to make sure your nanny has certain key terms within 5 days of commencing employment and to ensure that there is a suitable contract of employment in place within 60 days of your nanny commencing employment with you.) Contact our team today to find out how we can help.