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10 reasons you need Nanny Payroll in your life

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1. Legal Compliance

We’ll help you stay compliant with confusing and time-consuming tax and employment laws associated with employing a nanny.

2. Record keeping

We’ll help you keep track of your payroll records, storing them securely in our cloud-based system.

3. Payroll processing

We’ll make sure you pay your nanny the right amount at the right time, so even when you are busy or travelling your obligations are covered.

4. Scheduling

With our employee app, you can manage your nanny's annual leave online. They can apply for leave and you can approve it all via the easy to use system.

5. Transparency

Your nanny can trust they are being paid fairly and legally with our fully transparent payroll service. We’ll issue them a payslip after each pay period.

6. Benefits admin

Our employment contract service takes the admin out of dealing with issues such as paid time off, deductions for lodgings and board and sick pay entitlement.

7. Nanny turnover

When you find a high quality nanny, you want to keep them. We’ll make sure they are properly looked after without any additional admin or stress on your part.

8. Regulations

Payroll and tax laws can change. We’ll help you deal with updates in complexities such as nanny-shares and tax allowance splitting.

9. Data security

We’ll ensure your nanny’s personal information is stored securely.

10. Cost-effectiveness

Our efficient service is a cost-effective way to streamline the admin and stress associated with paying your nanny.

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